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Nordicshape Aesthetic Health Clinic est. 2017

We provide a variety of efficient, effective and safe non-surgical aesthetic services with decades of combined experience. Injection and device treatments for face and body contouring and revitalization. Our services also include beauticians treatments like facials, peels, teeth whitening, laser hair removal and more! 

Our current location is in Helsinki and Espoo - Finland.

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Our staff offers their services also in English. Please feel free to contact us concerning any questions you might have about the treatments, the products or the industry itself. We will be happy to assist you in any way. Our contact information is below:

Clinic phone number: +358 9 547 4044

Clinic Whatsapp: +358 44 744 2565

Clinic address: Hevosenkenkä 3, Espoo (Panorama Tower next to Shopping center Sello)

Clinic open hours: Monday-Friday 9am - 8pm, Saturday and Sunday clinic open per reservation


Before any treatment, our nursing staff consult the patient on the available treatments and the information regarding them. Our goal is to find the best possible treatment for each patient. If you have any questions about the treatments, please feel free to book a free consultation with our staff. Consultation include:

Aesthetic consultation

Aesthetic videoconsultation

Beauticians consultation

Aesthetic Dentists consultation

Hyaluronic acid helps fill out the lines and wrinkles, give beautiful luscious lips and contour. Fillers also have the trait of moisturizing the skin and giving a sensation of lift.

Lip filler 299€

Fillers for lines and wrinkes 450€

Jaw line filler 450€

Cheek filler 450€

Back of palm filler 450€

Tear duct filler 450€

Additional 1ml filler 250€

Botulinum toxin relaxes the muscle creating a rested and clear complexion, fades out wrinkles and give a sleek and lifting effect. 

Botox for excessive sweating 300€ + prescription

Upper face 480€

Whole face 560€

Botox for Bruxism 300€ + prescription

Face narrowing 690€

Lip Lift 170€

Brown lift 220€

"Sibelius" wrinkle 220€

Gummy smile 170€

Crows feet 220€

Neck and decolte 690€

Botox for migrene 420€

Profhilo is a hyaluronic acid filler with an extremely moisturizing effect and a soft composition that enables it  to spread throughout the whole surface of your skin creating a beautiful even and smooth result.

Face 420€

Neck 420€

Cryolipolysis or "Cool sculpting" is a fat reduction treatment. The patented cooling technology eliminates fat cells, without surgery or downtime. Its perfect for cutting down on the irritating accumulation of fat most commonly around the belly, arms, legs and back. The cryolipo handles cool down the targeted area crystalizing the fat cells – the fat cells are then eliminated through the the body’s metabolism. Results are about 26% reduction from desired area.

Chin 350€

Abdomen 450€

Sides, thighs (2 areas) 550€

Abdomen and chin 600€

Abdomen and two areas 850€

EMS Body Sculpt uses high-intensity focused magnetic vibration technology to contract the muscle fibers in treatment area. It is the first non-surgical esthetic machine to focus on building muscle mass and definition but also burn fat. The way EMS Body Sculpt focuses on the muscle and fat is the two large handles that can be focused on a large treatment area like the abdomen or buttocks. During a 30 minute session the machine is able to stimulate the targeted muscle group up to 30 000 times which help the fat cells to metabolize and decompose vigorously.

One treatment (1x) 180€

Four treatment series (4x) 612€

Six treatment series (6x) 864€

Eight treatment series (8x) 1080€

Ten treatment series (10x) 1260€

This skin tightening laser treatment is a safe method of restoring the elasticity and firmness of a younger skin without surgery. 

Face 600€

Face and neck 950€

Small area 300€

Due to multiple reasons, as we grow older our veins might weaken and fail. Mainly it happens by weakened valves, which cause blood to pool rather than flow to the heart. As a result, these blood vessels become enlarged and visible. Our vascular treatments offer effective solutions that close these veins and reduce or eliminate their appearance.

Vascular lesions on the face 420€

Spider veins 250€

Enlarged leg veins (large area) 420€

Enlarged leg veins (small area) 520€

Hemanigiomas 250€

Cold sores 250€

A pigmented lesion on your skin is usually brown, black or blue. Their color is due to blood vessels, melanin or from an exogenous  source (for example a tattoo pigment). Life cycle and hormonal changes can affect the distribution of color (melanin) in our skin, leading to the appearance of all kinds of pigmented lesions. These include moles, freckles, age spots, or melasma which is a dark, patchy facial discoloration condition.

Singular pigmented lesion 250€

Treatment of a wider area 420€

The laser gentle peel provides complete skin rejuvenation without surgery and completely safe. It is very effective to treat anti aging signs by improving your skin tone and texture. This mild skin resurfacing laser is an ideal aesthetic choice to get rid of big pores problems, dull and coarse skin. You may regain a more youthful appearance as this treatment helps to remove fine lines and wrinkles on face through enhanced collagenesis. Ideal for acne scars.

Face 900€

Cheeks 600€

Back of palm 400€

Small area 420€

Neck 900€

Face and neck 1400€

This gentle treatment can tone and rejuvenate the skin by activating the collagenic productions of the tissue. This treatment usually performed for the neck and jawline giving it a distinctive more slender tone.

Face 900€

Cheeks 600€

Back of palm 400€

Small area 420€

Neck 900€

Face and neck 1400€


Nordicshape unique facial comprises of the following:

- Initial clensing

- a patented peel based on skin type

- LED light treatment

- Serum based on skin type

- Rejuvenating eyemask

- Skin cream based on skin type

- Gentle neck massage

For extra cost:

- Diamond microdermabrasion treatment +30€

- Mechanical clensing +30€

- Ultrasound clensing +30€

Treatment duration 60min

Treatment cost 100€


For all skin types, odorless and organic, best treatment for allergenic and sensitive skin. Best for rejuvenating and moisturizing - especially for persons with acne.

Includes two of the following:

- Diamond microdermabrasion treatment 

- Mechanical clensing 

- Ultrasound clensing 

- Facial lymfa

Treatment duration 90min

Treatment cost 160€


Medical facial treatments are like most facial treatments, it consists of the same basic principles but the main difference is the SkinCeuticals skincare products are only available for healthcare professionals. They are more effective than ordinary skincare products. SkinCeuticals facial treatment is performed by a trained SkinCeuticals professional.

Treatment duration 45min

Treatment cost 110€

Treatment with added chemical peel

Treatment duration 60min

Treatment cost 145€


Retinol peels the surface of the skin, fades lines and wrinkles, reduces akne, tones up the skin making it smooth. The Retinol peel suits a skin, that has signs of aging or other pigmented irregularities or is prone to akne and drossing.

Retinol peel for face / decolte / neck 160€

Retino peel for face, decolte and neck 320€


Acid peeling is a safe and an effective way to treat different types of skin concerns. There are multiple different types of acids and the right one will be chosen for your particular skin. A single treatment can clarify ja level the skin, but getting a serial treatment will have lasting effects on the condition of the skin.

For additional price:

Neck and decolte +30€

Back of hand +15€

Acid peeling 45min 120€

Acid peeling 90min 160€

DMK Enzyme therapy is skin rehabilitation concept that mimics the skins own biochemistry. Treatment and the dmk products work in unison to better the condition, bloodflow, cellular activity and the production of collagen. The skin will ultimately become firm, smooth, beautiful and more importantly, healthy.

Enzyme therapy for beginner 159€

Enzyme therapy package (first and second session) 285€

Enzyme therapy session 159€

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) if directed on the skin with the right frequency, destroys the root of the hair. Even the first time will result in weaker and slower hair growth. For best result, the treatment should be done for approx. six times.


Treatment feels as a burning sensation on skin and immediately after the skin might feel sensitive and swollen

Small area (around mouth and face) 90€

Medium area (armpits, bikini, forearms) 160€

Large area (legs, brazilian) 300€

CTN Pro White -gel based teeth whitening is a comfortable and a safe way to get 2-3 shades whiter teeth for up to two months. Patient will sit on a reclined chair with a patented whitening teeth case in their mouth all whilst a blue led laser will be pointed in to the case. Treatment lasts for 30 to 60 minutes depending on the endurance of the patient.

Teeth whitening 89€


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